About Us

Who We Are

OS Consulting is incorporated with the Companies Office Of Jamaica since 2010.we offer overseas employment ,business consultation, construction projects , security technologies, marketing and sales.

Our team is very professional , knowledgeable and experienced latest design and technologies to ensure the safest and most cost effective options.

We work for the Government Of Jamaica , corporate and international companies. Our team continues to strive for excellence as we research and present the latest technologies.

What We Do

We have been a registered overseas Employment Agency, Licence by the Ministry of  Labour for over 8 years.

We have almost 10 years experience in Construction Project Management and Business Management.

We research the latest technologies, its use in law enforcement as we have direct contact with manufacturers and distributors of these products.

We network with companies and individuals with first had knowledge and experience, which help to make us stand out as a competent and reputable business.

We have the first-hand viewing of these technologies and devices in operation in operation in many jurisdictions which gives us first-hand experience.

We have traded computers, electronic, security devices and technologies. we have supply and install many security, remote monitoring and access devices to many individual customers.

Our Mission is to present the latest technologies that can be used to fight crime and help to make our country safer for all.

We research, test and present some of the most durable, reliable, efficient technologies and devices that are compatible with our climate and environment.

We are always ahead.
Professional Solutions for Your Business.